Created by an exercise physiologist, Springys combines the best of movement and mindfulness, theory and practical, Eastern and Western philosophies into one innovative, holistic system. They have tested the best exercise prescription tools and reviewed world class sports performance indications. Over thousands of hours of clinical sessions and working with professional sportspeople and their teams, they know the human body’s physiological response to exercise.

We know that sports people want to perform at their best. As do everyday people. Springys helps you to adapt your body in ways you didn’t know were possible. Targeting muscles and movements that will change the way your body moves, responds, and even predicts how to move through the world.

Springys use cutting edge spring technology to go beyond pilates, applying clinical and sports experience to sports performance, daily function, prehab and rehab.

The spring technology leverages resistance dynamics, allowing a wide range of movement to deliver a targeted, customised workout. Springys incorporates exercise physiology, biomechanical principles, and clinical knowledge to create a versatile, highly targeted, and effective exercise experience.

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Springys 1-on-1 Adult 45min

One on one session with Springys Practitioner for 45mins

$75 (incl. GST)