The Mizuno Showroom, Retail Store & Fitting Centre

We’re delighted to announce that our Mizuno Showroom proudly displays a full range of Mizuno golf equipment and we are now an authorized Mizuno fitting centre, welcoming all golf enthusiasts who want to discover why “nothing feels like a Mizuno.” Whether you’d like to schedule a fitting session with one of our knowledgeable team members or simply drop by to explore our remarkable array of gear and experience the excellence of our Mizuno Showroom, you’re always welcome.

The Golf Institute was established to empower individuals to reach their full potential, and having Mizuno as a part of our selection is a perfect synergy, given the exceptional quality that Mizuno product represents.

The Golf Institute prides itself on providing exceptional customer service, and our pricing for Mizuno products is incredibly competitive, offering fantastic value.

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Mizuno offers an unparalleled custom build service – based on the procedures refined at the renowned artisans’ factory in Yoro, Japan.

Brad and the team from Mizuno can professionally custom fit clubs providing you with the tools to become your best.

Each fitting will take approximately 1 hour at a cost of $100 for non members.  This $100 will be credited to your order should you proceed.


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Mizuno Hardware Care Plan

Purchasing new golf clubs is exciting but can also be confusing. With manufacturers regularly updating their models, the options can seem overwhelming.

Why Mizuno?

The Japanese craftsmanship and quality of Mizuno golf equipment have been well-known for many years. From Sir Nick Faldo using Mizuno when he was the best player in the world to Tiger Woods as an amateur, many top players have chosen Mizuno. Every club made and every custom set built is done with the greatest care. Each club must swing weight perfectly, achieved by having many different head weight variations to match your specific fitting specifications. This is why nothing feels like a Mizuno.

Our Fitting Process

At The Golf Institute, we are extremely confident in Mizuno clubs and our fitting process. Using the Mizuno Optimizer along with the best ball and club tracking device in the world – Trackman – we fit for now and the future, making sure your new clubs last for years, not months. Our Director of Coaching, Brad Lamb, is an experienced fitter and extremely knowledgeable PGA coach. This combination, along with our technology, makes for the ultimate fitting experience.

Mizuno Hardware Care Plan

  • Extended Warranty: We will add 2 more years to the warranty of your clubs (3 years in total) – as per the Mizuno Golf Au Warranty.
  • Complimentary Check-Ups: If you are fitted with a driver, a set of irons, wedges, or a putter, you will receive a complimentary 30-minute check-up and review at 3 months (distance and performance check) and 12 months (condition and satisfaction check).
  • Simulator Sessions: If you are not a member of The Golf Institute, when you spend $800 or more on any Mizuno hardware, you will receive 2 x 1-hour complimentary simulator sessions.

Our Mission

The Golf Institute has been created to help all golfers become their best. We strive for excellent outcomes for all, and our Mizuno Hardware Care Plan is a very important part of our offering.

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Club Repairs

We work with Doug Hutchison from Hi Tech Golf in Geelong for any repairs, re-grips, re-shafts and loft and lie adjustments.  Please speak to Brad or contact Doug direct on 0415 505 235.