Jamie Collis, Long time student:

I had my first lesson with Brad in December 2009 after returning from living overseas. I actually became aware of Brad and the Right Sided Swing watching the Golf Channel in the 2000’s when living in Canada – I saw Brad on the Nationwide and Gary Edwin on Lessons. I returned to Australia in December 2009 and Brad had just commenced teaching at Barwon Valley.

I took up golf in my 50’s when I moved to Canada. I became an avid viewer of the Golf Channel and remember seeing Brad on the Nationwide Tour. I also remember seeing Gary Edwin explaining his Right Sided Swing (RSS) as well as reading one of his teaching articles which used small sledgehammers as a training aid. After returning to Geelong in December 2009 I was excited when I met Brad Lamb at the Barwon Valley Driving Range and commenced what has been a long student – coach relationship. We all learn in different ways and the fact Brad was a model swing for the RSS gave me a visual reference I could use to clarify with him the required swing positions/moves to overcome my inherent pattern of the flip under. Brad’s approach to teaching with me in  particular has been to keep it simple (being an engineer I tend to want to over-complicate things). When I commenced with Brad I used to slice and shoot in the 90’s and today I can shoot in the high 70’s and low 80’s which I consider is good for someone in his late 60’s who took up golf at 50. My current GA of 10.7 has been hampered by incessant injuries these past 5 years but my target is to return to single figures by 2024 before I get too old!

As a student of the game of golf, I am excitedly looking forward to the next phase of my golfing journey with Brad at his new state of the art Golf Institute. In the Golf Institute, you can see the pursuit of perfection that is such a critical part of the life of a professional golfer. I am convinced the ability to take the Trackman data from a lesson to my practice sessions will greatly improve their effectiveness. I also intend to take up the Springys Training System in the mezzanine gym to improve my strength and flexibility thereby preventing future injuries. Further, the availability of an indoor practice green will make it easier to devote time to what has been a neglected part of my game.