Exercise Physiology

The Golf Institute is working with Unified Exercise Clinic to offer on-site Exercise Physiology services in Geelong.

Springys was founded out of the Unified Exercise Clinic in 2014.   Having developed the system, Unified Exercise Clinic practitioners are the principal experts in Springys treatments and programs.

The services offered by Unified Exercise Clinic at The Golf Institute are as follows:

Initial Exercise Physiology Assessment

If this is your first appointment, you must book an Initial Assessment. At the conclusion of the Initial Assessment, your Exercise Physiologist will guide you to the most appropriate appointment type for subsequent sessions, or otherwise the most appropriate approach to ongoing care.  Included in the initial assessment:

  • Private 1:1 session running for 60 minutes
  • Detailed medical history including any previous/current conditions, injuries or concerns
  • Assistance with goal setting
  • Identify any barriers that may arise along your exercise journey
  • Outcome testing specific to your presentation/goals such as posture, CV fitness, functional movements, strength, flexibility, balance etc
  • Exercise treatment plan will be outlined – home exercise program or custom Springys prescription may be supplied
  • Liaise with relevant medical/health practitioners enabling collaborative care
Exercise Physiology Consultations
  • Private 1:1 session running for 45 or 60 minutes
  • An Exercise Physiologist will guide you through a clinical exercise intervention based on the findings from your Exercise Physiology Assessment. The session is targeted to address your individual needs and goals. You will obtain maximum supervision and guidance from the Exercise Physiologist
  • An Exercise Physiologist may create and prescribe a custom session program via the Springys APPlication, depending on your circumstances

Telehealth appointments available in addition to on-site appointment slots. Please contact Unified Exercise Clinic for bookings.

Exercise Physiology services offered via Unified Exercise Clinic are charged according to their fee schedule, separately from The Golf Institute services and memberships. Private health, Medicare, Workcover, TAC accepted. Gap fees may apply.

Click on one of the links below to make an Exercise Physiology booking at The Golf Institute:

BOOK NOW – Initial Assessment 1 hour – $130

BOOK NOW – Standard Consult 45 minutes – $110

BOOK NOW – Extended Consult 1 hour – $125